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Multistage Tantalum Packing
Auto Si Sealing
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  This is a preparation stage to press a bar of tantal product. In this stage, remove air from a vinyl bag containing a  
  bar using strong vacuum power and perform hot-sealing treatment on the vinyl.  
   Turbo Pump Capacity : Max x 1*10 Torr      Leak test structure
   Displaying the degree of vacuum profile
 (vacuum values can be adjusted)
     Chamber Door auto Open/Close
   Each step Sensing Profile display      Strong vacuum welding type
   20 steps of operation mode for each stage and
     Chamber pressure 0.000001 at display
   Adjustable working hours      Displaying all equipment working conditions
   Easy maintenance of a sealing bar      Checking stability of products on each floor
   Product Size : 220mm, 330mm bar