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  This equipment is a barrel type automation equipment to improve properties of a product according to its purpose by penetrating silicon impregnation sealant to a product  
Items Specification
Equipment Size 1,900(W) x 7,300(D) x 2,400(H)
Equipment Weight 4,000kg
Applicable Product Applicable for all types,
which are higher than 0603 type
Applicable Tange Impregnation target
Materials of Product MLCC (seramic, Cu electrode)
Applicable Process Impregnation plating process
Items Specification
Control Control Method PLC Control, Touch Panel
Touch Panel Rock Well Automation
Utility Main Power Three phase, three wire
220V5%, 60Hz 0.2 Hz
Air Pressure Supplied 4.5~5.5 kgf/
N2r Pressure Supplied 4.5~5.5 kgf/